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  • Is your property in the North East of England or West Coast of Scotland?
  • Maybe you are struggling to sell or rent your property or portfolio?
  • We buy, sell and rent properties for ourselves and our client investors.

  • We can rent your property (portfolio) from you and pay you a regular.
  • We can guarantee your rental income for you for a fixed period.
  • We do all the hard work, so you can get on with enjoying your life.

  • Are you in negative equity or just can’t meet all your monthly bills?
  • We can pay your mortgage and sometimes your expenses.
  • We provide the best solution for seller, buyer and tenant.


We Are Dedicated To Your Success


James Gough

Hi, my name is James. I believe the property business is about people, families and homes before bricks, mortar and money, and finding a solution that benefits everyone involved is the key to our success.

Eileen Nicolson

Hi, I’m Eileen. As a landlord, our solutions are designed with your budget in mind so that you get the best offer with the maximum return on your investment every time you work with us.

Meena Surendra

Hi, my name is Meena. Don’t wait any longer. We will handle the entire process for you and will be in contact with you at every step so you can sit back and be confident that we are taking care of you.


Why do you want to share your profits with me?  Because this business model works and fits in with how we like to do business with people. Also, we find that when we leave our clients feeling good about their decision to work with us, they normally in turn help us out by telling people like you and their family and friends about their good experience with us and this leads to more business.

We also want to pay commission to your estate/letting agency. We want them to be happy with our agreement as well and so we will pay them for all the work they have done for you.

How can you offer more than my asking price? It’s just a matter of timing and numbers.  Our investments are made based on many factors, including the long term value of the property and the monthly income the property can bring in, and from that we know what we can offer our clients.

IS THIS OFFER OPEN TO EVERYBODY? No. It is only available on certain properties that meet our specific criteria for investment.

Are you industry accredited and insured? our industry accreditation os with the Property Ombudsman (TPO) and our complaints procedure. We are also registered under the Data Protection Act with the Information Commission Officer and with HMRC for Anti Money Laundering.

Why doesn’t everybody do this if it works so well? Well, it doesn’t work so well, if at all, for every property in every town. We know what can work and so can offer such good terms for the seller and buyer and still have plenty to invest in creating a property that a home owner would love to buy or a tenant would love to live in.


We Manage Everything For You

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We Are A Full Member With The Property Ombudsman

The Property Ombudsman scheme independently reviews complaints from buyers, sellers and landlords and provides free and impartial dispute resolution .

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We Offer A Turnkey, Comprehensive Service

You can relax in confidence while we handle all the details, including refurbishment and property management. We believe in keeping our offers hassle-free for all parties involved.

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We Are Always Discreet, Private & Confidential

We are 100% direct, open and honest with our clients and will always respect your privacy. We will work to solve your property issues with the utmost discretion and responsibility.

Mission Statement

We are a property sourcing and property investment company whose primary goal is to achieve mutually beneficial solutions to common property problems whilst improving the standard of housing for people living in the UK.

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